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Farè Triggers

Flavio Trigger - BR 2_edited.png
Image by Ryan Klaus

The BR 2.1 is the original trigger with micro ball bearings, specifically designed to be used in free recoil shooting.


It is a single stage trigger, and thanks to the use of 6 micro ball bearings, it can achieve an extremely low pull weight and a creep-free operation.


Pull weight is adjustable from 20g (0.72 oz) to 60g (2 oz) without the need to replace any springs.

Thanks to its characteristics, it is becoming one of the most used triggers in Benchrest and F-Class, both centerfire and rimfire.

BR 2.1

Farè Triggers
Veloce HD (Favio Triggers) 2_edited.png
Farè Triggers

The Veloce HD is a single stage trigger designed to be simple, safe and robust.

It’s mechanism produces an extremely short trigger stroke, a wide range of adjustment and a creep-free operation.

It does not contain ball bearings which make it ideal for hunting and PRS and thanks to its light weight, it can also be used by precision shooters.

Trigger shoe is adjustable to 3 positions. 4 different trigger shoes are available.

Veloce HD

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